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Robert [Tobii]

Hi Karol,

EyeX for Windows does not include this type of gaze highlight by default, so for that application it would be a feature request.

However, if you are building your own application with the EyeX SDK for C/C++ that defines activatable Windows icons, you can easily get this highlight by using a concept called tentative activation focus.

Step 1: Add the tentative focus option to your activatable interactors

params.EnableTentativeFocus = TX_TRUE;
txSetActivatableBehavior(hInteractor, &params);

Step 2: In the event handler for the ActivationFocusChanged, extract the event parameter object and handle HasTentativeActivationFocus

if (txGetActivationFocusChangedEventParams(hBehavior, &eventData) == TX_RESULT_OK)
   if (eventData.HasTentativeActivationFocus)
      ShowHighlightRectangle(); // Your own method 

The ActivatableBoardGame sample is a good starting point to experiment with this kind of visual feedback. Note that you need to be careful with the tentative activation focus, since many users find it annoying to have blinking objects everywhere they look.