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Dick Vermeulen

I have exactly the same issue, had contact with support last year who send me some programs to deep clean the system from any left over installation files and registry items. Since this did not help either the screen went back to the shop I bought it. They have send it to Acer, whom have tested everything but could not find anything wrong.

Since windows is saying “Unknown USB Device (device descriptor request failed) Driver error” I’m thinking this is some very annoying deep hidden bug in either the software or the firmware or it is windows related.

Either way, I realy don’t care where the problem is, it’s outrageous this isn’t fixed yet since there are many more with this problem. I will never reccomend Tobbi or Acer to anyone, in Fact I will make this issue go live so the world may know how the support of both company’s work.
The only thing both Tobii and Acer are doing is point to each other while they both should be searching why this is happening and fix it.


Dick Vermeulen