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I’d like some further guidance with regard to larger screens. I have a few questions:

Does Tobii have any plans to add better support for larger screens to the EyeX drivers (27″ and 30″ are both fairly common sizes among gamers, in my experience) ?

As you have mentioned, there is an observed lack of accuracy near the top left and top right corners on a larger screen such as 27″ or 30″. I’m looking to rectify this problem. Would it be helpful to position a second Tobii EyeX at the top of the display in an inverted configuration, then use data from the top eye tracker to more accurately determine eye position when the eye is looking near the top of the display? If so, do you have any guidance for such an inverted configuration from a development perspective? I assume the EyeX engine doesn’t support an inverted configuration like this by default, so I assume it would require using the Tobii Gaze SDK?

If you have any other suggestions or insights for larger displays (are you guys working on different hardware to support this?), I’m all ears. Thanks!