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    I am using MATLAB binding. gazedata can be read using tetio_readGazeData.m function. my doubt is how can I read gazedata at the maximum speed? my ET has frame rate of 30. what does it mean? is it like maximum 30 frames/second can be read? if that so than I would like to capture all 30 frames/second.

    This is a code I found from example:
    for i = 1:(durationInSeconds/pauseTimeInSeconds)


    [lefteye, righteye, timestamp, trigSignal] = tetio_readGazeData;

    if isempty(lefteye)

    numGazeData = size(lefteye, 2);
    leftEyeAll = vertcat(leftEyeAll, lefteye(:, 1:numGazeData));
    rightEyeAll = vertcat(rightEyeAll, righteye(:, 1:numGazeData));
    timeStampAll = vertcat(timeStampAll, timestamp(:,1));


    Jenny [Tobii]

    Hi samrudhdhi,

    I gather you are using the Tobii Analytics SDK with a Tobii X2-30 eye tracker? I’ll forward your question to someone responsible for the Analytics SDK.


    Thank you much… I am really struggling to achieve the maximum accuracy possible.

    jesper högström

    frame rate is indeed the number of gaze points per second. Thus, a 30Hz eye tracker yields 30 gaze points every second.

    What happens when you use the code you posted? Do you get more or fewer than 30 samples/second?


    hi… I cant measure this correctly. there are other statements which also consume time to execute. i can only play with pause(pauseTimeInSeconds); if i keep pause(0) loop runs without errors but that exhibits some unusual behavior. is there any way by which tracker samples the gaze points at 30 samples/sec and put them automatically to a file in the background?

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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