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    Hi guys,

    Blink Blink Boom - shoot with your eyes

    This weekend we participated in Nordic Game Jam, the world’s biggest game jam with over 700 attendees.

    Since Tobii was sponsoring a bunch of eye-trackers, we decided to try it out, despite having no prior experience with the technology.

    Blink Blink Boom is a reimagining of the childhood classic “Red Light Green Light.” A group of players tries to reach the end of a corridor, and a solo player tries to stop them.

    One player, called the Watcher, must use eye tracking to detect and eliminate players among a group of AI characters. To shoot characters, the DJ must close his eyes for a short duration to accumulate ammunition.

    While the Watcher’s eyes are closed, the players and AI have a window to rush towards the finish line, but if they are still running when the Watcher opens his eyes, they will be easily spotted and eliminated.

    While the Watcher’s eyes are open, the other players must synchronize their movement to the beat of the music, to keep in sync with the AI and remain ambiguously undetected.

    What we found exciting was the fact that it can not only detect where your eyes are looking, but also if your eyes are open or closed. We used this to create a game similar to the childhood classic “Red Light/Green Light”, where one player is using the eye-tracker, while other players have to slowly approach him whenever he is closing his eyes.

    It’s a little difficult to explain, so we made this video that showcases the idea:

    Video: Blink Blink Boom – Tobii eye-tracker game Nordic Game Jam 2015

    It was a very fun experience working with the Tobii in Unity. I was definitely impressed by its accuracy and ease-of-use when it comes to implementation.

    If you have a bunch of Xbox 360 controllers and an eye-tracker, you can try out the game here:

    Blink Blink Boom download (source code: GitHub)


    Thanks for sharing, the game turned out really great! 🙂

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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