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    I just received my eyeX and I have problem with callibration. Software says something like “Cannot calibrate, check if the tracker is connected”. Tracker is connected for sure and at some point the calibration just stops (point stops moving). I also noticed that LEDs are turned off when this happens. After a while I get above mentioned error. Sometimes this happens during head position test.

    Please note I’m running eyeX inside on Windows 8.1 inside VM, with VMware. Host is Ubuntu 14.04. Installation of drivers and firmware went fine. USB 3.0 seems to be working inside VM.

    Any suggestions?



    Hi Pablo,
    this sounds like when the driver isn’t correctly installed.
    So question, if the Ubunto Windows combo is good or bad. However, first of all you should make sure you have the latest driver for your USB 3 controller installed.
    So check what controller/mainboard you have and look the latest driver up on the manufactures website.


    Mike Kasprzak

    I’m impressed you were able to get this far with the VM. I have a similar setup on my primary workstation, but I decided not to take too many chances and have been trying to get my tracker working on a normal Windows install on a separate computer (without luck). That said, I would prefer to have the EyeX worked on Linux, as that’s what I use daily.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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