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    Freek Kammeijer

    I have a problem updating the firmware in steelseries engine 3.
    Is this because I have the Tobii Eyex witch doesn’t support steelseries sentry?
    When I open steelseries engine 3 it doesn’t recognize that the eyetracker is connected. After re plugging the device it does, but then wont update my firmware. It just gets stuck on the updating firmware screen.

    Thanks in advance!


    Robert [Tobii]


    SteelSeries Sentry support questions will be handled via https://support.steelseries.com/
    In this case, we recommend to uninstall older versions of Tobii EyeX software before installing the SteelSeries Engine update.


    Well…is the Tobii Eyex even compatibel to the steelseries engine 3 software?
    Or only the steelseries sentry itself?

    Freek Kammeijer

    It is compatible. I just had to uninstall everything from Tobii eyex and download de steelseries sentry installer. That installed a new version of Tobii eyex and now everything works.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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