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    I have been spending the past few hours trying to get my Steelseries Eyex tracker to work. However I am running into an issue, where my laptop (windows 10) is able to detect the device through a 54mm USB3.0 express card. Anytime I click on anything that says “Display Setup” the cursor changes to the blue thinking cursor. Then after a few seconds it will go back to my normal pointing cursor and no new window pops up to allow me to set-up my device. This is getting very annoying, and I was hoping to start playing The Division with this device, but I just might have to get my money back, since this program is not very well designed. I thought that there might be and MSI/exe file I could open up to manually try to start the display set-up.

    Also, it is now stuck at updating software for Windows 10 hello, been like this for the past 5-8 minutes.
    I am using multiple monitors, I have tried every version of the drivers for my USB3.0 card, I have tried using only my laptop monitor, I have restarted my computer countless times.

    I have looked at all the FAQs, various other forum posts and their so called “Documentation” for any answers, but found none so far.


    Also, When I first plugged in the device it did not prompt me to set anything up.


    If you haven’t tried it already I would advice you to uninstall any software (all SteelSeries and Tobii software) that were initially install with your Sentry/EyeX.

    Then download and install from this link .

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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