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    Hi Petro,
    that’s an interesting idea. I’ll forward it to the people working with settings and such.

    Sean Doyle

    If it’s possible to switch in software (e.g., expose what routine the hotkey would call) then a little OpenCV program could probably do the switching as well.


    Curious if its technically possible to have one tracker on each monitor / would that work? Or interfere with itself / only be able to run one? Love the switching workaround idea…


    Everyone here is using double monitors aswell, so don’t worry that it’s not in the pipeline.

    I must say, Petros idea is a pretty good workaround.

    Guido Gambardella

    Another multi-monitor user.
    More precisely, that’s why I wanted an eye-tracking device, to develop a multi-monitor PCB CAD.


    I’d be more than happy to have an array of these (one on each monitor) and assign a hot key to select actively tracked monitor, Lets say CTRL+1/2/3/../n

    I hope in the future the software would be able to see that the user was out of view to the left or the right and switch to the next tracker along in an acceptable amount of time.


    Carson S

    +1 for the ability to have multiple monitors, even if it means an eye-tracker per screen.

    Ron Besseling

    +1 for the ability to have multiple monitors, as most professional users have multiple monitors…



    +1 vote

    Nitipon Suratwisit

    +1 and please also consider supporting multiple monitors stacking up vertically as in my case I have 4 monitors mounted in 2 pillars side by side.


    Thane Pullan

    i have multiple monitors but one is solely a tv with vlc media player, i’d have to get use to using multiple monitors. perhaps i can do this in the future


    I’d like to add my voice here as well. Especially with focus on gamers, being able to use your second monitor for reference, builds, and current in-game stats can be tremendously helpful. Those who actually stream games also need to manage their stream chats and features, which they usually keep on a second monitor. I also think Petro Samoshkin’s solution is a great idea until it’s more fully supported.

    Sean Doyle

    Is there any update on this issue? It’s an issue for a project here that is starting in a few weeks – if it’s supported we can use EyeX; if not then we’ll look at other options. Thanks!

    Jenny [Tobii]

    Hi Sean,

    No news I’m afraid. There is still a double limitation: the EyeX Controller and Steelseries Sentry drivers currently only support one eye tracker connected to the system, and the EyeX Engine only supports one screen to be setup for eye tracking.

    Mike Perry

    What if the video card combines 3 monitors into one resolution? Like NVIDIA Surround?

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