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    Chee Foong

    After using and trying out different configurations, the Eye Detection Indicator widget always has the eyes pointing to the top right. The eye tracking device no longer activates within Windows.

    But when I ‘Check Calibration’, it always works as per normal. Is there anyway to reset or something?


    Hi Chee,
    can you explain what you mean by “trying out different configurations”?

    A long shot: Did you enable mouse emulation as described in the post “EyeX Engine features for developers”? Because that will make the eyes stick in the top right corner of the EDI.

    Chee Foong

    Hi Anders,
    you’re spot on. I was un-commenting out the mouse emulation configuration appSetting in the file: Tobii.EyeX.Engine.exe.config

    Just re-commented it back, and it’s back to normal again.

    Fantastic device by the way. Alot to learn and experiment with.


Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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