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    Aleksander Kijek

    +1 for Linux and basic support is totally fine,
    we are developing an app for disabled people on Linux
    and want to make it operational with Tobii eyetrackers,
    support for EyeX would be great!

    Roger Boldu

    +1 for Linux!
    Just basic support X,Y..


    another +1 interested in Linux support, specially Ubuntu x86/ARM

    Nils Sabelstrom

    +1, would really like to see a driver for linux.
    Also I think (or at least hope) that the usb3.0 support is much better on linux than on windows, and that the driver development would be much more sane and cost less man hours than you imagine if you happen to have a linux guy employed.

    Nils Sabelstrom

    1) There are drivers for the EyeX Controller on Linux, but we will only have official support for Windows in the beginning. If there’s a big demand for Linux we might publish a basic unsupported Linux kit later on. What kind of use case are you thinking of?

    be assured that we don’t dismiss linux lightly. But we cannot do everything at once. Please have patience…

    I don’t understand, it seems like you have a working unofficial driver in house, so what is it you cannot do?
    I doesn’t seem like releasing what you have in whatever state it is in, unofficially and under the usual no warranty/support caveats, would take many minutes of time.

    Even if it’s a patch that you need to apply to the kernel source and manually compile it, ppl will work with that.

    All I can guess then is that you cannot release the code you have because of not wanting to open source it.
    So, if or when you release a linux version, will this then be a binary blob driver?

    Jenny [Tobii]

    Hi Nils,

    It’s all about where we put our resources when and why. We have a product offer for Linux and that is to use the Tobii REX eye tracker with the Tobii Gaze SDK, and right now there is no business case for us to extend the EyeX functionality to Linux.

    This is how one of our product managers formulated it when I asked him:
    “Windows is the platform where we see the first commercial applications which is why we focus on that area to make sure all the developers there can continue to create brand new experiences like we’ve seen in theHunter and Assassain’s Creed lately. Although parts of our development team is indeed using Linux for their working environment, complementing our internal tools and packaging them to a level where we would be proud for the Linux community to use is currently a bigger bite than we will be able to chew.”

    Nils Sabelstrom


    Thank you very much for your reply!
    I understand why there would be no focus on linux support from a management standpoint.
    My concern were that the reasoning from a technical standpoint seems to indicate that if you at some point do focus on linux, the SDK would be very closed.

    This concern comes from you having some form of in-house driver at the moment, which would suggest that you have the option to supply some form of a driver (without a complete SDK package) at a minimal cost of time.
    I don’t wish to seem overly cynical, but not doing this suggests that you cannot release any of the in-house driver, due to IP concerns etc. If this happens to be the case, those same IP concerns etc. would likely affect a possible future SDK in the same way.

    Which leads to the question: If at some point in time an linux SDK is released, will it likely be a closed source package with a closed source driver?

    It’s a question that I know that you probably cannot answer, unless you have a clear policy for how you handle code IP, that also is directly against the idea of having the driver being an open-source addition to the linux kernel, which is by far the most common and liked method of implementing drivers in linux.


    Hopefully there will be soon more linux-minded devs who are willing to help us with this.

    Jenny [Tobii]

    Hi Nils,

    My best guess is that it would be whatever solution best protects Tobii’s IP.

    Zac Mullett

    +1 for Linux support. Like the previous posters, I would be happy with an unsupported driver set.



    Any news about Linux support. I bought a new computer, now with Linux and I wondering if I could continue to work with Tobii EyeX, but now in Linux Ubuntu



    Grant [Tobii]

    Hi @fabiocarvalho,

    As explained previously by my colleague, I am afraid that Linux support for the EyeX is not something that is planned for the immediate future.


    +1 for some Linux support even if via an unsupported driver


    It would be nice to have linux-drivers. When windows 7 is “dead”, i’m only gonna use opensource like linux.
    I do not hope that Tobii push people/developpers to other eyetracking-devices. The future will tell.
    I had interest in the 4-c. But i do not buy one till a linux-driver has arrived. And i think i’m not the only one who is waiting.
    Still, thanks for the support so far.


    +X1 For Linux !!!! Please id possible for Debian (.deb)….. We are trying for industrial cam support so maybe we need hardware + software for +1000 machines!!!!

    THX for your support

Viewing 15 posts - 16 through 30 (of 30 total)
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