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    is there a chance to get the fixation point/gaze of each eye sperated with the EyeX SDK (.net)? This functionality is implemented in the “Calibration Window” (Tobii EyeX Settings -> Eye Tracker -> Check Calibration) at the top and on the Tobii Toolbox for Matlab (see page 16) but I don’t find this data in the EyeX SDK (.net).

    Thanks in advance!


    Hi Jochen,
    the EyeX SDK gives you the gaze point from both eyes averaged, or from a single eye, according to the user setting. It’s not possible to get the gaze points from both eyes separated.

    Can you elaborate a bit on why you need this data?


    Hi Anders,

    thank you for your answer. I need the line of gaze for each eye for some research which is happening in the 3D-space.

    I saw I can work with the Tobii Analytics SDK, with should offers this functionallity (at the first time I was using a Rex, now I will going on with a X2). That should solve my problems.

    Robert [Tobii]

    Hi Jochen,

    If your eye tracker is a Tobii X2-30, you can also use the Tobii Gaze SDK which can be downloaded from this site. However, if it is a research use case maybe the Tobii Analytics SDK is a better match since you get access to time sync functionality, Matlab support etc.

    Agostino Gibaldi

    There is a nice Matlab implementation for EyeX that you can download here:

    It allows to read data separately from each eye.

    Feel free of providing feedbacks and suggetions.


    As our license agreements for the EyeX SDK as well as the Gaze SDK do not permit storage of media (except for calibration files and data used for accuracy-enhancing filters), we cannot share this plugin on our developer-forum.
    I unfortunately had to remove the link.

    Please always make sure to that you have read our license agreements here:

    EyeXSDK: http://developer.tobii.com/license-agreement/
    GazeSDK: http://developer.tobii.com/?wpdmdl=120


    Agostino Gibaldi

    There is a nice toolbox for connecting the EyeX with Matlab, which recreate the functionalities of the SDK.

    You can find it on surceforge, as Matlab Toolbox EyeX, just go and search it.


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