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    Hello everybody!

    My name is Søren, and I am currently working on a masters thesis at Aalborg University, during which I have made a gaze-controlled video game called Gaze Hero! I have already concluded one test of the game, but I am now conducting my second and final test of the game!

    Screenshot from the game: https://i.imgur.com/VLh1jv6.jpg

    And therefore, I need your help to test it out!

    If you have, a TOBII 4C Eye Tracker, I would love if you would like to play through a game test that I have prepared. It takes 5-10 minutes to complete, and you’ll get to try a new way of playing video games, using only your eyes!

    Don’t have a TOBII 4C? No problem, you can try the game using your mouse instead. See download links below!

    Download links (Google Drive):

    Gaze controlled version
    ZIP Download (100MB): https://drive.google.com/open?id=17S0hqzgsRAN1g8q0M2BGRFesdatOL1yj
    EXE (self-extracting RAR) Download (93MB): https://drive.google.com/open?id=1BL8x0NInPlkNCrerjKnGRGeTzKZVJ1M1

    Mouse controlled version
    ZIP Download (100MB): https://drive.google.com/open?id=1Y0LKRNy62ki9xat_h5_E8i_IfsFyjK84
    EXE (self-extracting RAR) Download (93MB): https://drive.google.com/open?id=1-DNVZ88AbIFJn6pEr-5zCHUFYxftnxMJ

    I need as many people to try it out as possible, and it’s super easy to participate! All you have to do is download the game, and start playing! The test takes approximately 5-10 minutes to complete.

    Thank you very much for your interest, and please share with anyone who you think might be interested!

    Let me know if you have any questions at all.

    Have a great day!

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