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    Dejan Lacmanović

    I have a problem, I created more than 100 Eyex profiles, and now it’s very difficult to select right one. I search different eyeXHost method, but didn’t find any for profile deleting, only eyeXHost.SetCurrentUserProfile(profile); for selecting some of existing profiles and eyeXHost.LaunchProfileCreation(); for creating new profile.

    Is it possible to delete existing profile?

    Thank you.


    Aye me too please. I have only 4 but still.

    Dejan Lacmanović

    Hi Nygel,
    Thank you for support, if you acquire manual profile deletion process, it’s hidden in Tobii control panel.
    First start Tobii Control panel by left click on taskbar icon.
    Then you will see your current profile bellow “Gaze Trace” command.
    Click on your current profile name or on the left arrow, and now you can see some additional profile operation.
    One of them is “trash” icon for deleting profile. I’ve attached picture for better explanation.
    Tobii Control Panel

    It’s not resolve my problem, I need SDK method for deleting profile from Tobii support.


    Grant [Tobii]

    Hi @dlacman, @nygel

    For the time being, there is no function within the SDK to remove calibration profiles, however you can find the profile data stored within the registry at:


    Which may be removed either manually or via powershell, etc

    Hopefully this will meet your needs.


    In one of the updates (Where the interface text went from pink to blue) you removed the “Trash Can” icons for deleting profiles. Is there any way to delete profiles now?

    Grant [Tobii]

    Hi Andrew, the trash icon reappears when there is more than two profiles.

    For the time being, you will need to use the registry method to remove profiles en masse.

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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