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    I recently tried the eyex in the division (also in elite and eurotrucks) and one feature that could make his way to a lot of games is the one that clears everything out of the screen, elements of the interface just fades out when you don’t look at them and become clear when looking at them, that’s really great for games that aren’t simulators.

    For example I saw several videos where someone controlled his character in World of Warcraft with his eyes, I don’t see a real interest there, but an addon that could translate the gaze coords and communicate it to other addons like bartender, shadow unit frame… That would be great, to fade out the chat or any bars in Wow to free up some space and when the gaze comes over them they could pop out.

    That’s something that I would love to see in many fps and mmo games, the integration for simulators is clear but I think that it must spread to a lot more games.


    I agree. Clean UI, as we usually call it, would be awesome for a game like WoW (been playing it my self since launch) where the UI takes up a LOT of precious screen estate. It’s unfortunately not as simple as making an addon though. The WoW addons are heavily gated (basically impossible to communicate with third party software) so in order for this to work Blizzard would have to implement support for the EyeX in WoW. Please – feel free to send them a request! 😉


    So I did, to give some recommendations to the devs you need to go in game:

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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