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    Marc H.

    Please implement these rather simple/basic features into the main Eyex application for “pointer interaction” next to “Mouse Warp” and “Mouse Clone” which works in the following way:

    1. move the mouse cursor while looking, so you could control mouseover applications (larger buttons with react to mouseover, or applications which let you drive by directly moving the mouse cursor and have a permanent mouse pointer flew required)
    2. let you perform a click by a custom trigger button
    2.1. give option for performing a mouse click by the blink of an eye
    2.1.1 let you define the time frame you need to close the eye let you define for example: close left eye => left click, close right eye => right click, close both eyes => … some action give option to perform a command action to this not just mouse click, could be great for example to combine with the powerful tool AutoHotkey
    3. give option for mostly mouse stutter, for a smooth mouse movement, so give option to ignore/limit by how fast eye movements are converted to pointer movement

    Marc H.


    Please let us add “supported apps” to the “EyeX Interaction” list. It doesnt make sense that it is hard coded just for a list of example applications. There should be an option to add any Windows app, even if it wasnt build for or uses the EyeX Api, it still could be designed for eye selection, for example larger buttons, mouseover selection mechanisms and would work very well with a pointer device. So if you let us add custom apps, and give those apps a Window native pointer emulation, like the ones you pre-definded, it would help a lot.

    gregory hanis

    would like to left click by blinking left eye

    how can i do this, i dont want to touch mousepad!!! worthlesss

    Alex [Tobii]


    Unfortunately, blinking is not a recommended way of interaction. Your eyes will quickly get tired. We don’t even recommend using it in AT use-cases where we use time dwell instead.

    Ria Bhatia

    I received my Tobii 4c eye tracker today. I am working on a game which has a spotlight. The spotlight should move with the mouse cursor.

    I was able to set up the device and on touching the mouse pad the cursor jumps to the position where I wanted to click.
    Is there a way to move the cursor with the movement of eyes?
    I want to move the spotlight with my eyes for the game and for that the cursor should move with it simultaneously
    How should I do that?
    Please help me.

    Grant [Tobii]

    Hi @riabhatia24, thanks for your query and congrats on just getting your eye tracker!

    The natural movements of the eye are such that the fine detail required to move a cursor in this fashion is not possible without additional software to help (or alternatively sufficiently large user interface controls to compensate).

    Windows 10 now has Eye Control Features built-in since recent updates (did you try this already?) as well as other 3rd party solutions such as Xcessity, are available that allow full mouse control of your PC. Hopefully one of these will provide your needs.

    Please let us know how you get on.

    Ria Bhatia

    Hello, Thank you for the reply
    I am building this game for kids with cerebral palsy. The language I am using for it is React Javascript.

    I tried to use the Eye controls features. They are great to surf the internet and do all the things which an additional mouse could do but unfortunately, I was unable to move the spotlight. The spotlight moves with the windows inbuilt cursor.

    Which additional software should I use in my code in order to move the windows cursor with the eye gaze?
    Since these children cannot use any external device like the keyboard for clicking purpose, is there a way to click with a blink or by dwell?

    Here is a demo:-

    Grant [Tobii]

    Hi @riabhatia24, okay thank you for the clarification. I understand now that you developed the game with the intention of having the mouse cursor as the primary (or only) means of interaction and that you hoped the Tobii 4C would emulate the mouse movement directly?

    I am afraid this is something for which the eye tracking is most certainly not designed as the inherent jitter nature of eye movement and inability to realise precise locations is not something that can be surmounted technologically. (if you were to take gaze coordinates as mouse cursor location, the cursor would be in a a constant state of jerky motion and not the smooth experience you might expect)

    Indeed, the Tobii Dynavox Business Unit which is devoted to Assistive clients (such as those with CP) does not use a mouse emulation system but one very similar to that you saw in Windows 10 Eye Control.

    For this reason we have specific Interaction SDK’s that rather than emulating the mouse will rather create gaze aware component of an application.

    Whilst I did find some software that might do what you want (CameraMouse, GazePointer, PrecisionGazePointer) these are 3rd party tools and not necessarily compatible or supported with Tobii Eye Tracker 4C. Perhaps there are other tools available but again I am afraid mouse emulation is not a concept we encourage, sorry I can’t be of better help for you.

    Ria Bhatia

    I think the third party solutions will solve the problem. Thanks a lot for recommending those.
    Also , is there a way to dwell and click with an eye-gaze, like with a time limit of 5-6 secs?

    Grant [Tobii]

    Hi @riabhatia24, great! please check them out and let us know your experiences. I am afraid for the time being, the ability to dwell and click is not available within the Tobii Core Software as supplied with the 4C Tracker.

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