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    Yes i saw it and i hope they will be able to eliminate the micro stutter like movement, until that time i will be using the older version of ISE just rolled back to it.


    I thought smoothing was the point of the Gradient slider??

    OK, so Speed is obvious – how fast should the camera move.
    OK, Deadzone is also obvious – how far away from the centre to I need to look to make the camera start moving

    Gradient …. I thought this would smooth out the increase in Speed – the higher the setting of the slider the further from the centre one would need to look to get to max Speed.

    With the new version of ISE I can’t tell the difference between Gradient at zero and Gradient at max. Did I misunderstand its purpose?


    The ISE release notes page (https://files.update.tech.tobii.com/InfiniteScreen/releasenotes.html) shows release 1.1.1 with a date of yesterday.

    Sounds promising – ‘Fixed judder issues in games supported through the FreeTrack protocol’

    However, the download link just gets version again

Viewing 3 posts - 16 through 18 (of 18 total)
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