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    I win7 one, written by the desktop code

        Var eyeXHost = new EyeXHost ();
                    Var lightlyFilteredGazeDataStream = eyeXHost.CreateGazePointDataStream (GazePointDataMode.LightlyFiltered);
                    EyeXHost.Start ();
                    LightlyFilteredGazeDataStream.Next + = (s, e) =>
                        Px = (int) e.X;
                        Py = (int) e.Y;
                        SetCursorPos (px, py);

    By getting the screen coordinates of gaze, move the mouse, the accuracy is better.
    But when I generated the exe program, into another win10 notebook above, when the test was found to be inaccurate, the right area will not move to the left part of the can not be moved to the overall inaccurate, very distressed, but tobiieyex Management procedures gaze trace of the bubble found that this is indeed very accurate,
    My win10 screen resolution is 1920 * 1080, change the text, application and other items size 125%.
    My win7 screen resolution is 1600 * 900.

    In the end what happened, very distressed. If you can manage the program gaze trace


    Set compatibility Now seems to be a lot better, if the gaze trace bubble algorithm to open source like, I can better learn this piece of coordinates.

    Grant [Tobii]

    Hi @zhuwuyan,

    No doubt you must be aware that using the EyeX as some intended mouse replacement, will NOT work in the manner you have created. Eye Tracking with the EyeX is intended to work in conjunction with traditional input devices and the accuracy and noise of eye tracking is such that an accurate mouse replacement software is destined to fail.

    That being said, you might try to adjust your DPI on Windows 10 to 100% and see if that correct the issue.

    We are indeed working on including further code, including the gaze overlay into future releases.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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