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    I just bought a SteelSeries eye tracker to use the Game Analyzer software. After two weeks trying to get it to work, I got information from SteelSeries that you were no longer supporting the Game Analyzer. May I ask why you discontinued the support for the software?

    Morten Nissen

    Yes. Same question here. Ithought it was just something with my computer /that i have a Clean install of Windows 10 on and running in 4K) but after trying everythin and now finding this and other posts about Game Analyzer not supported anymore I now understand why it won’t work.

    I also can’t get it to work with The Devision as it should. I can look at the minimap and som but other things are not working.

    I guess I’ll use it as an expensive Windows 10 Hello login device instead 🙁

    Alex [Tobii]

    I also can’t get it to work with The Devision as it should

    Here’s a video with features implemented in The Division:

    – Cover at gaze
    – Clean UI
    – Enemy tagging
    – Aim at gaze
    – Infinite screen

    Some of the features might work better if you play with a gamepad. Also make sure that all of them are enabled in the settings menu.

    Try contacting support if they are still not working!


    Hi Gry!
    Yes, the Game Analyzer is not an supported application anymore. This as the games were converted from 32-bit, to 64-bit and the Game Analyzer couldn’t support that.

    However, unfortunately it is not correct that we discontinued the software ourselves. Steelseries, played an active roll in that decision, as the software was, exclusively for the Steelseries Sentry.



    So if we run the game in 32-bit “mode” they would be picked up but Game Analyzer? (thinking of starcraf lotv as it was supported).

    Kind Regards,

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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