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    Tobii.EyeX.Client.dll could not be added. Please make sure that the file is accessible, and that it is a valid assembly or COM component.

    Hello, I just started my summer practice. Working on Visual Studio, and trying to use .dll files given in sdk. Client.Net20.dll and EyeXFramework.dll can be added without problem, but whenever i try to include Client.dll, it gives me the error that i wrote before. For now I’m just trying to copy MinimalGazeDataStream, but I can’t even settle the basic things. Can someone help? Thanks

    Alex [Tobii]


    If you are programming in a managed language (for example C#) you only need to reference managed DLLs:

    Make sure that the native dll (Tobii.EyeX.Client.dll) is also copied to your output folder since it’s needed by the managed ones to work.



    Thanks. For now I’m just trying to modify the sample codes given in the sdk files. I will try that later.


    Not working, I get an error

    “System.DllNotFoundException was unhandled
    Message=DLL ‘Tobii.EyeX.Client.dll’ yüklenemedi: Belirtilen modül bulunamadı. (HRESULT özel durum döndürdü: 0x8007007E)
    konum: Tobii.EyeX.Client.Interop.EyeX.InitializeEyeX(EyeXComponentOverrideFlags flags, LoggingModel& pLoggingModel, ThreadingModel& pThreadingModel, SchedulingModel& pSchedulingModel, IntPtr pMemoryModel)
    konum: Tobii.EyeX.Client.Environment..ctor(ILoggingModel loggingModel, IThreadingModel threadingModel, ISchedulingModel schedulingModel)
    konum: Tobii.EyeX.Client.Environment.Initialize(ILoggingModel loggingModel, IThreadingModel threadingModel, ISchedulingModel schedulingModel)
    konum: Tobii.EyeX.Client.Environment.Initialize(LogTarget logTargets)
    konum: EyeXFramework.EyeXHost.Start() d:\build\1383e68a253c4c4f\Sdk\DotNet\source\EyeXFramework\EyeXHost.cs içinde: satır 191
    konum: EyeTrackingDeneme.Form1.button1_Click(Object sender, EventArgs e) c:\Users\alphan\Documents\Visual Studio 2013\Projects\EyeTrackingDeneme\EyeTrackingDeneme\Form1.cs içinde: satır 28
    konum: System.Windows.Forms.Control.OnClick(EventArgs e)
    konum: System.Windows.Forms.Button.OnClick(EventArgs e)
    konum: System.Windows.Forms.Button.OnMouseUp(MouseEventArgs mevent)
    konum: System.Windows.Forms.Control.WmMouseUp(Message& m, MouseButtons button, Int32 clicks)
    konum: System.Windows.Forms.Control.WndProc(Message& m)
    konum: System.Windows.Forms.ButtonBase.WndProc(Message& m)
    konum: System.Windows.Forms.Button.WndProc(Message& m)
    konum: System.Windows.Forms.Control.ControlNativeWindow.OnMessage(Message& m)
    konum: System.Windows.Forms.Control.ControlNativeWindow.WndProc(Message& m)
    konum: System.Windows.Forms.NativeWindow.DebuggableCallback(IntPtr hWnd, Int32 msg, IntPtr wparam, IntPtr lparam)
    konum: System.Windows.Forms.UnsafeNativeMethods.DispatchMessageW(MSG& msg)
    konum: System.Windows.Forms.Application.ComponentManager.System.Windows.Forms.UnsafeNativeMethods.IMsoComponentManager.FPushMessageLoop(IntPtr dwComponentID, Int32 reason, Int32 pvLoopData)
    konum: System.Windows.Forms.Application.ThreadContext.RunMessageLoopInner(Int32 reason, ApplicationContext context)
    konum: System.Windows.Forms.Application.ThreadContext.RunMessageLoop(Int32 reason, ApplicationContext context)
    konum: System.Windows.Forms.Application.Run(Form mainForm)
    konum: EyeTrackingDeneme.Program.Main() c:\Users\alphan\Documents\Visual Studio 2013\Projects\EyeTrackingDeneme\EyeTrackingDeneme\Program.cs içinde: satır 19
    konum: System.AppDomain._nExecuteAssembly(RuntimeAssembly assembly, String[] args)
    konum: System.AppDomain.ExecuteAssembly(String assemblyFile, Evidence assemblySecurity, String[] args)
    konum: Microsoft.VisualStudio.HostingProcess.HostProc.RunUsersAssembly()
    konum: System.Threading.ThreadHelper.ThreadStart_Context(Object state)
    konum: System.Threading.ExecutionContext.RunInternal(ExecutionContext executionContext, ContextCallback callback, Object state, Boolean preserveSyncCtx)
    konum: System.Threading.ExecutionContext.Run(ExecutionContext executionContext, ContextCallback callback, Object state, Boolean preserveSyncCtx)
    konum: System.Threading.ExecutionContext.Run(ExecutionContext executionContext, ContextCallback callback, Object state)
    konum: System.Threading.ThreadHelper.ThreadStart()

    the code i wrote in sdk files is working, i just tried to modify the gaze data stream function. but when i try to open a new console app it just gives the error above. how can I get rid of this?

    Grant [Tobii]

    Hi @burakbilgehan,

    The 0x8007007E error code general indicates an issue in locating the DLL needed.

    I would therefore check your Paths which generally go in the order:

    1) Current Directory
    2) System folder, C:\windows\system32 or c:\windows\SysWOW64 (for 32-bit process on 64-bit box).
    3) Reading from the Path environment variable

    In addition I’d check the dependencies of the DLL, the dependency walker provided with Visual Studio can help you out here, it can also be downloaded for free: http://www.dependencywalker.com


    Thanks Grant, problem is solved

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