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    Sebastian Rauhala

    I’m planning to do a project involving a TX300 eye tracker and the EyeX SDK seems to contain the features I’m looking for.

    Is the EyeX Engine compatible with different Tobii eye trackers or is it only meant for the EyeX Controller?

    Robert [Tobii]

    Hi Sebastian,

    At the moment, the EyeX Engine and its SDK is only compatible with Tobii eye trackers that can present themselves as a Windows USB-HID, at the moment the following eye trackers:
    – Tobii EyeX Controller
    – Tobii REX
    – Tobii X2-30 (not X2-60)
    – Tobii PCEyeGo (with firmware 1.1.5 or later)

    Technically, it is possible to support other eye tracker models as well. To be able to prioritize this feature request against other things, it would be good to know your use case. What do you want to use the EyeX SDK for in your project?

    Sebastian Rauhala

    Thanks for the answer Robert.

    At the moment I’m basically want to subscribe on the users gaze position on the screen. The EyeX Engine seems to simplify the calibration and configuration part in a good way, also the emulator and visualization features would be handy during development.

    Guess the Gaze SDK is the next best thing for my project.

    Is there any other Tobii SDK to consider except from.
    EyeX SDK (usb)
    Gaze SDK (usb & ip)
    Analytics SDK 3.0 (usb & ip)

    Jenny [Tobii]

    Hi Sebastian,

    The SDK’s you listed are the ones to consider.

    Arne Hartz

    Dear Tobii Team,

    we just came around with the same question: Are you planning to add EyeX support to the XT300?


    Edward Ryklin


    I have a user with a PCEyeGO who downloaded my software that is designed to work with EyeX. We discovered that if he has the eyex driver installed, everything works with the PCEyeGO. However, my software does not allow saving eyemovement data, as per the license agreement. So, I’m wondering what if anything can be done about this? Does the license agreement apply to the driver or to the hardware? I also heard that Tobii was planning to relax this restriction.


    Grant [Tobii]

    Hi @ryklin,

    The EyeX Tracker is specifically implemented to NOT allow the saving of eye tracking data as we have another Branch of Tobii (Tobii Pro) that provides eye trackers for this purpose. No plans are in place to change this policy in the near future.

    Edward Ryklin


    That’s not true. It is trivial to save data from the EyeX, however the SDK license agreement prohibits it. There is no implementation that prevents saving data. Are you sure you even know what you’re talking about? There was in fact an email sent out mentioning that this license clause may change. I may need to go dig it up.

    Without being able to save data, we can not even do a comparative study between the EyeX and other eye trackers to validate any of your accuracy and precision claims Tobii makes about the EyeX.

    Furthermore, I specifically stated that I am working with a PCEYEGO not an EyeX. Perhaps you miss understood that part of my message? I am using the EyeX driver to communicate with the PCEyeGo and was inquiring if I can save the PCEYEGO’s data in spite of that.

    Thanks for your attention!

    Alex [Tobii]

    3.4 Limitations.
    3.4.1 Not for analytical use. Unless Licensee enters into a separate
    agreement with Tobii, the SDK may not be used to develop and
    distribute software for analytical purposes, post processing or
    aggregation of eye tracking data across multiple users.
    Specifically, this means that such software may not (i) transfer
    data about eye movements, behavior, intention or attention
    generated by or derived from the Software Components to
    another computing device, network, display or printer; or (ii)
    store data about eye movements, behavior, intention or
    attention generated by or derived from the Software
    Components on any persistent storage media (except for
    calibration files and data used for accuracy-enhancing filters),
    i.e. data may only be stored in primary memory and only while
    it is being processed.

    Tobii Software Development License Agreement

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