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    I tried to work with Tobii EyeX on my laptop through usb 3.0 port but it doesn’t work propely. On the calibration stage it turns off and tobii eyeX program bugs. It seems like it is a power supply issue but i’m not sure. There’s a certain power in USB 3.0 port of the laptop and maybe it is not enough for your device.

    Anyway the issue is to manage a work of the Eye tracker with a laptop or a tablet (like IPad or Android device). Can you tell which laptops and which tablets are certainly compatible with Tobii EyeX tracker?

    Thank you a lot!


    Hi Grigory,

    as the Tobii EyeX is a Windows device only, it is not compatible with an Android device or an Ipad. So for that, I unfortunately can’t offer you a solution.

    However, about the power issue, you most likely will need to update your USB 3.0 controller drivers, please have a look at our FAQ, for more details: http://developer.tobii.com/support/


    Alan McNicol

    Just for you information, I have an ASUS UX501J laptop running windows 10 and I encountered an identical issue. In the calibration phase eye-tracking worked for a few seconds before the lights on the EYE-X flickered, went out and eye-tracking stopped (closely followed by an error message). This happened every time I attempted calibration.

    However, the laptop has one USB port that is suitable for charging phones etc, when I plug the EYE-X into that port it works perfectly. I surmise that the current draw was too great for the first port I tried.

    For information, the USB drivers installed on the PC are from March this year (version 10.0.10586.212). I tried updating from device manager and Windows reported that the drivers were up to date.

    Grant [Tobii]

    H Alan, thanks for the info..good to know!

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