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    Nic Zuraw

    Am considering moving to a ultrawide monitor 27″-35″ and would like some feedback from anyone using a UW on how the EyeX performs. A lot of the monitors are curved too, which I assume has an impact.

    Specifically I was wondering:

    1. How much of the screen is not tracked by the EyeX on a 34″ Ultrawide (for example)

    2. Does the curve matter for tracking – or is it just an issue with mounting the EyeX. Or have you had to make a small insert to place between the monitor and EyeX


    Grant [Tobii]

    Hi @nasz,

    I can inform you that we still only support screen sizes up to 27″ so anything larger, you will have issues in tracking with this
    screen. This does not mean that the 27″ of a 35″ screen will track normally.. we cannot guarantee that.

    Assuming you indeed go for a 27″ curved screen, then unfortunately you may still face issues with mounting (as you predicted) and indeed there may be accuracy issues at the extremities of the screen where the curving is obviously greatest.

    For right now, I can only recommend you go with a regular flat monitor at most 27″ in size.

    Patrick M Rowley

    I’m using a Tobii with a 35″ curved monitor (Asus). The tracking becomes unpredictable on the edges of the screen, but the likelihood of focusing at that extreme, I’ve found, is pretty low. (I’m playing a lot of Elite Dangerous, and the eye tracking moves the Infinite Screen before you’re looking at the extreme edge anyway.) I haven’t seen an issue with regard to the curvature of the monitor.

    As for mounting. I’m using a couple of velcro pads at the ends of the Tobii, rather than the magnets. Not as nice, but it works fine.

    Nic Zuraw

    Thanks Grant – yes noted, I did see other posts around sizes, but wanted feedback from the community.

    Thanks Patrick, Elite Dangerous and Arma 3 are what I’m playing so really appreciate the feedback.

    I’ve gone with a 35″ Acer, but will keep the a 16:9 24″ around just in case – don’t want to stop using the EyeX

    Grant [Tobii]

    Hi @nasz, as I stated the official policy is that we support screen size up to only 27″.

    That being said, you are free to experiment with alternate setups such as the one demonstrated
    here @ https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dcexFoEfoNE&

    Perhaps you can get in touch with the user for instructions.

    Nic Zuraw

    Cool thanks Grant, much appreciated.

    Nic Zuraw

    My 35″ Ultrawide screen (Acer Z35) arrived 4 days ago and I was eager to set up the EyeX as you can imagine!

    Having contacted the owner of the YouTube clip mentioned by Grant and also from Patricks reply. I setup the EyeX, ran calibration and then went testing my games out.

    I found that placing the EyeX about 2 cm away from the screen and 1 cm below the bottom bezel I noticed no degradation or screen limits (i.e. no tracking at the extreme edges of the screen) or unpredictability as Patrick mentioned.

    Games tested:
    Arma 3
    Deus Ex Mankind Divided
    Euro Truck Simulator 2
    Elite Dangerous
    Battle for Sol
    Il-2 BoS
    Eye Asteroids
    Assassins Creed Syndicate

    Gaze trace in Windows 10

    All tracked very well from extreme left to right and top to bottom (and visa versa). I am indeed a very happy camper… now to make something more permanent for the EyeX (it’s on a small box at the moment, but that can be our secret :p )

    Grant [Tobii]

    Hi Nic, that’s great news. I’m glad you were able to getting things going.. hopefully other users can find inspiration in your story 🙂

    Patrick M Rowley


    Would you mind sharing where you’re mounting the EyeX? I’d love to get the corner tracking working. (You say 2cm away and 1cm below; is that in front of the monitor bezel, or behind?) The video doesn’t say where he’s putting the EyeX in relation to the screen.


    Patrick M Rowley


    Grant [Tobii]

    @nasz – perhaps you can help Patrick here?

    Nic Zuraw

    Sorry for the late reply – we’ve been without power following major storms in South Australia. I’ve since ergonomically set up my desk and monitor, so I I made a few adjustments to my EyeX setup. Though I dismantled my make-shift assembly to make it more permanent, so alas haven’t got photos yet!

    The Mount:
    I’ve adapted a bicycle computer mount by originally securing the long end to the stand with cable ties in a figure of eight – this allowed me to change the near/far distance from the screen. On the round end of the mount I secured the ExeY – this was originally just double sided sticky tape to change angle etc. By utilising the length of the mount it was really trial and error on position, but I found that the following position worked best for me.

    The top of the EyeX is level with the bottom of the bottom bezel (which is 25mm) and protrudes 2cm from the bottom-middle of the screen to the back of the EyeX. Due to my new seating position I have had to rotate the EyeX to point upwards by about 5 degrees – this was easily adjusted by using the EyeX calibration to ensure it sees my eyes in the centre of the screen. Then it’s just a case of running the Display Setup to align the bars on the unit.

    I tried all my tests again and still very happy – so now I’m off to play Arma 3 for a bit :p

    Bicycle Computer Mount
    Garmin Bicycle Computer Mount


    I can confirm tobii 4c works with ultrawide. Got asus pg348q and it works like a charm.
    I even managed to bend those magnet gems included the box to make it fit perfectly! Cant post the screeenshoits here by some reason but for all you wondering. . just go for it!

    Grant [Tobii]

    That’s great new Acke! Many thanks for the positive feedback 😀


    Im so glad ive found this page ,as Ive just purchased the 4C ,but not received it yet,then i noticed the Tobii statement not supporting 34″ monitors and i panicked a bit ,thinking it wouldn’t work. I have the ASUS ROG PG348Q. I may attempt to make an adjustable bracket for the Tobii to fit the ASUS

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