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    Eye-tracking analysis is a powerful technique in usability studies of websites. However, it can be difficult to extract a real gaze position on scrollable webpages, because only a part of page is often visible for a participant each moment of time.

    Recently, we added support for scrollable live web pages in our tool, EventIDE (http://www.okazolab.com). Our implementation of eye-tracking analysis records scanpaths and heatmaps, which automatically take in account the entire extends of any presented webpage. The analysis can be performed in real-time, while a participant is doing natural unconstrained web-browsing with scrolling, typing, navigation etc.

    We published a small demo of this technique on our youtube channel:

    All Tobii eye-trackers are supported in this technique. If you are interested in web usability, we invite you to try out our tool.

    With regards,

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