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    Henning Andersen

    I have the exact same problem! Tobii Engine is causing my CPU to be at 97-99% at all times. I tried uninstalling everything tobii related, and the steelSeries engine. I then just installed the “sentry.installer” and skipped both the “SteelSeriesEngine3.6.7Setup” and “InfiniteScreen_Bundle_1.1.1.379_x86”.

    Still, its the same problem!

    I have my steelseries sentry connected to a USB3 port, and i have a high-end gaming PC. As someone above, i wanted to play the division with it, but it wont work. I tried it on my gaming laptop, and there it runs fine!
    I see people talk about KasperSky, but i have that on both my PC’s, the one where tobii engine acts normal AND the one where it doesn’t. I think that rules out KasperSky?

    I’ve also found this same problems on forum posts all the way back to 2014, but no solution for it yet!

    Please fix this problem! If you want me to post the log files, tell me so.

    I’ve tried it on my laptop and it’s very cool and fun, but i want to use it on my main gaming rig.

    Also, everytime i try to launch the Infinite Screen Extension, it gives me an error message (I don’t remember what it is, but i think it was something like “make sure the tobii engine is running”).

    Please, please please look into this! I wan’t to play with my new expensive toy!!

    Grant [Tobii]

    Hi @henning334,

    Sorry to hear about your issues… these issues have so far all been related to Kapersky which as you have stated
    is not installed on your gaming PC..

    Are there some other AV software running on the laptop which you can remove ?

    Also, kindly ensure you are running the very latest EyeX engine release (http://developer.tobii.com/downloads/)
    and have the latest USB chipset drivers for you laptop.

    Henning Andersen

    Well, @Grant, you misread my post.

    I have KasperSky on BOTH my computers. EyeX Engine works fine on one of them. So it works with KasperSky too. I’m too quick to say that this would rule out the AV, bt at least it means that kaspersky doesn’t allways cause problems (if kaspersky is the problem).

    What do we do further? I’d like to still run the AV i’ve payed a 2 year license for. You’d like to sell the EyeX to the millions of people who use KasperSky. KasperSky probably don’t want to be known to cause problems, or to lose potential customers in EyeX-owners.
    The way i see this, it’s a win-win situation for all of us if we solve this issue.

    I’d suggest that you, as in your company (Tobii?), contact or file a bug-report to KasperSky. If you contact them you’d be taken more seriously than any one customer. You’d also have all the knowledge that KS might ask for in the debugging-process.

    I i can help in any way, supply information to either you or KS, i’d ble glad to help!

    Please look into this, as it seems to bother a lot of people!

    Grant [Tobii]

    Hi @aram,

    Thanks for your feedback, we are working on reformatting our forum system, so hopefully some changes soon!

Viewing 4 posts - 16 through 19 (of 19 total)
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