Software offered on Tobii Developer Zone comes under two different types of development licenses.

1 – Getting Started development license

This license is for non-commercial use. It’s a limited license that provides development rights with Tobii SDKs and eye tracking related software and APIs. It enables you to freely and quickly get started with your development of eye tracking related applications. The Getting Started development license is free of charge and you accept it by clicking accept when you download the SDK. If you need to commercialize your solution or plan to distribute your solution – you need to acquire a commercial license from Tobii.

Under the Getting Started license you have no rights to develop software for medical solutions or medical equipment. For this purpose, you need a Commercial license.

2 – Commercial development license

This license provides commercialization rights, as well as development rights. If you plan to commercialize your eye tracking solution, distribute it or offer it to the market, you need this license.

Under this license we offer the right to store or transfer eye tracking data, provided that you comply with our Eye Tracking Data Transparency Policy.

Under the Commercial license we offer a Medical Use license for medical solutions and equipment, as well as additional capabilities, functionality, support & maintenance contracts, and services.

Please contact us to acquire a commercial development license.

PLEASE NOTE – If you are a researcher and want to build analytical applications for Tobii Pro eye trackers, please click here to learn more about offerings and license terms.