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Marieke De Vylder


Thanks for the answer! The purpose of my thesis is to make a wheelchair with eyetracking for paralyzed persons for example. So simply said: if the person looks to a certain point, the wheelchair has to move in that direction.

But if I understand it correctly, the point where you are looking at, has to lay at a fixed distance. So my idea now is to make a construction around the wheelchair: you have the eyetracker at a distance of 30 cm above the legs and you have an iron bar with a height of 5 cm just above the eyetracker. This bar has a width of 67.8 cm, which gives us a diagonal of 68 cm ( = 27″). If the person is looking at the bar, I can get the coordinates from the Tobii software. From these coordinates, I can derive in what direction the wheelchair has to move. So the person has to look at the bar to steer the wheelchair.

Do you think this is possible?

Thank you in advance!

Kind regards,
Marieke De Vylder