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Arnold Kopping

Hi Jenny,

it is quite easy realizing that gaming in this case is the “narrow use case”. By that I mean that the WORK done in a game is moving your forces or building/demolishing stuff or maneuvering your avatar from a 1st or 3rd person view. And yes, gamers and e-sporters who have bought themselves expensive graphic cards, Hydras, Oculus Rifts etc.. will not hesitate to buy eyeX for $100 if they add real value.

At the moment the real value is still to be discovered. I guess some gaming companies try to find this for you besides exploring other devices such as Oculus, Hydra, TrackIR-technologies etc..

So you have the PC gamers, not the ipad or mobile or browser gamers (oops lost the main part of gaming to mobile already!). These are G% of the world population.

Then you’ve got the gaming industry ( Fg% of total digital frontend industry) who puts $X into finding usages for eyetracking. When they do, the gaming industriy will indirectly increase their revenue through providing a better gaming experience. But this leverage depends in some way proportionally to the G% of world population.
I believe that G% is a very small amount compared to W% of the world population who uses web browsers.

So, if you release JS APIs/bindings for web browser you may potentially reach Fw% of digital frontend industry (Fw% >> Fg%). This industry will then put $Y into finding uses for eyeX. The amount Y is again much bigger than X and the reason is because each and every case of WORK that needs to be done through a webbrowser will consider how eyetracking could be used to leverage and make WORK more efficient.
That will happen because this WORK is not about maneuvering a game avatar or building/demolishing virtual toys and stuff. It is about the real world where people buy stuff for real money, they do their everyday work and they need to be more efficient and less error prone.

Eventually this is where corporations of the world, not gamers, will buy eyetrackers for each PC they have. Which of course is not feasible… the only real solution is to integrate them into laptops and screens.

I do not know about Tobii’s ambitions, but as it seems now you try to conquer the gaming-world.
I guess me and @Andy see quite a bit more potential around your product than just the “little” world of gaming.

In short… the rate, disparity and scale of innovation would be much higher around web browser.