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Adding to my previous post: a day later, I broke my installation somehow and can’t get it to work again. I tried 2 hours, but I’m clueless at the moment.
I’m suspecting that a key driver of this issue is that ISE installs under the Win 7 admin account, but I have E:D installed under a standard user. I’m out of ideas how to fix this.
At the Tobii team: it would help if you explained the inner workings/relationship between ISE, vjoy and Tobii Eyex hardware more in detail, and why we need to install AND run ISE as admin. Your FAQs are pretty empty when it comes to ISE vjoy issues. I bought the Eyex just for E:D, and would be forced to return it if we can’t fix it. And no, I’m not willing to set up E:D and ALL tools (browser, EDDiscovery etc) under the admin account. Because it is wrong in so many departments.