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Britt Yazel

Umm, what do you mean the Gaze SDK has no support for the Android Platform? I am using it with the Android platform, and there is even android platform code compiled to run with it. You even include working Android prototype example apps that make use of the eye tracker. Here:

For your information: I am using the Java API version 1.0 for Android, downloaded from the Tobii website here:

The tobii software version is the example code bundled with this API, and moreso the custom code that I have written to make use of the eye tracker.

Regardless, none of this has to do with the heart of my request, which is that the binary files included in the Java 1.0 API for android are compiled against old versions of Android and do not conform to a change made to the Android runtime that doesn’t allow for “Text Relocations” any longer. My request was that you folks please please please edit the source code of this binary to solve this problem, or give us the source code to fix it ourselves. As it is now, we cannot compile our app to work with newer versions of Android (6.0+).