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Nic Zuraw

My 35″ Ultrawide screen (Acer Z35) arrived 4 days ago and I was eager to set up the EyeX as you can imagine!

Having contacted the owner of the YouTube clip mentioned by Grant and also from Patricks reply. I setup the EyeX, ran calibration and then went testing my games out.

I found that placing the EyeX about 2 cm away from the screen and 1 cm below the bottom bezel I noticed no degradation or screen limits (i.e. no tracking at the extreme edges of the screen) or unpredictability as Patrick mentioned.

Games tested:
Arma 3
Deus Ex Mankind Divided
Euro Truck Simulator 2
Elite Dangerous
Battle for Sol
Il-2 BoS
Eye Asteroids
Assassins Creed Syndicate

Gaze trace in Windows 10

All tracked very well from extreme left to right and top to bottom (and visa versa). I am indeed a very happy camper… now to make something more permanent for the EyeX (it’s on a small box at the moment, but that can be our secret :p )