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I know this thread is a month old, but I stumbled across this exact error. We developed an application which uses the 4C headtracking feature. We have succesfully build and tested it on two different machines – lenovo g500s (64 bit) win 10 education build 16299.248 and on a microsoft surface running win 8.1 (i dont have that here right now). Both could use the 4C head tracking feature – all build with visual studio 2017.

However, i tried to develop the application further during vacation. I set everything up on a dell precision 7520, 64 bit win 10 education build 16299.248. I get gaze data and presence data like chou does – but i cant get any headtracking data. I am pretty sure that this problem is not due to some hardware problems regarding the Eyetracker, since it works on two other machines. Still, it gives me headaches because I cant get it to work.

I checked the USB controller drivers – they are the same for the lenovo and dell laptop.

Are there any fixes regarding this issue?