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Hi Grant,
Could you please PM me a copy of the program which can run to demonstrate the head tracking coordinate system graphically? Thanks.

Also I want to double check that the origin point of the coordinate system to get TobiiAPI-HeadRotation(pitch yaw roll) IS at the center of Display Screen. It’s not the user’s head or the centre of the ‘track box’. And the track point of user’s head is the the centre of the “Track Box” as the TBCS shown (http://developer.tobiipro.com/commonconcepts/coordinatesystems.htm). Is this correct?

I got the SceenDisplyInfo(width, height) and HeadCoordinate(x,y,z) info correct (they matched with the measurement), but I can’t figure out/understand the HeadRotation(pit,yaw,roll) data. It seems very weird and much smaller than it should be.

I know you probably can’t let me know how Tobii calculate the HeadRotation, but I want to get the HeadHeading angle which is the user’s head rotation horizontally (the Yaw based on users’ head center or neck). If you have any suggestion or examples, please let me know.

Many Thanks