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Sadly my Tobii 4C now sits in a box in the closet, it is not nearly accurate enough for what I bought it for and no matter how many times I run the calibration for it, it will not get to the accuracy I need it to be until you guys at Tobii decide to come up with an advanced calibration setting / tool that will allow us users to have access to more points that we can manipulate the eye tracking to the point that it is as accurate as a gamer needs it to be.

9 dots to calibrate the Eye tracking is good for someone who just used the eye tracker to click on large buttons and icons on an application or desktop but more calibration points are needed for a gamer needing to keep gimbaled weapons within a area like –> ( ) <– on a moving target.

I really hope Tobii will take this seriously its important to have a higher grade of accuracy… Yes the calibration tool you have now is meant for most of your users… but there are users like my self that need to calibrate the Tobii further then most for a higher accuracy.