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Momfer Undersand

Hi @Grant

While the headsets do look fantastic, sadly due to medical issue’s I can’t wear those on my head.
To me the 4C was a super solution I would be able to enjoy a Sub VR Experience.

The steering wheel and screen are all locked in position more or less. Due to how the Racing Rig is made and were the mounting holes are.

Cuddo’s for the magnet mounting though it’s strong enough to withstand me literally kramming/sliding over the curb stones and the 4C just keeps put on the screen.

Cheers Momfer

After turning the Force feedback off and some blue peter with double sided tape. I can confirm the effect is almost gone/ignored with the tracker 2 inches up the screen. Just a random idea here software patch that makes the camera ignore certain sections of what it can see. (I Checked with Windows Hello to see what the 4C actually sees) And it occurred to me that if the 4C would be able to ignore some of it’s view range the problem goes away. (In a racing rig my eyes are always at the same hight so the 4C doesn’t need to use it’s full viewing hight) Eye tracking is still full screen as it can still see my eyes, Helmet/head tracking I really only want left/right action so if down is less sensitive so be it. Again just a random thought I had.