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    Hello. I just bought the steelseries Sentry and I cant get the tobii software to work. Nothing happens when I try to configure the display. Looks like the software cant find my display and I have tried everything but it still doesnt work

    The Sentry does appear in the Device Manager
    I updated to latest firmware and software

    I have a GTX 970 and asus vg278he. I just did a fresh install of my OS (W10) a couple weeks ago and my computer does definitely meet all the requirements.

    Does anyone have a solution to this problem? Is there a way to manually input display device in a config file or something?


    Hey, (sry my english)
    but i hope it helps.

    sry i could not see your’e youtube video, they block (GEMA – German Problem -.-)

    but i can’t my configured my tobi too.
    under configure-app…
    i could not selected a display (Not available)
    and under “Eye-Detection Indicator” only saw “Initializing…”

    short: (i have a asus p8p67 / win10)
    under “device manager” -> “Renesas USB3.0 0.96 (Microsoft…) was installed
    I have de-install the microsoft driver and install a newer Renesas driver ( and now all ok

    Renesas Electronics (NEC) µPD720200 / µPD720200A 11.02.2013
    Renesas Electronics (NEC) µPD720201 / µPD720202 17.10.2012



    Treibersammlung – Alle Treiber für ihren PC


    Alex [Tobii]


    First of all please make sure you have the latest drivers installed:

    Setup your Tobii Eye Tracking Core Software

    If that doesn’t help please contact support at http://www.tobii.com/xperience/support/
    and they will help you to get it up and running.

    andreas laaß

    no, the support doesnt help. I have the same issue like users above. The initializing process never stops. I had created a system log and some screenshot from the guts of my system and sent it to tobii via support site. No answer. Than I used the reg.mail and send it back to tobii with the same information. I was lucky to get at least a automatic response. Maybe the sentry is a cool and good product. The delivery process was very cool. The support is a shame. I still waiting for an answer but in the meantime already bought an edtracker. I guess that the edtracker will be arrived and my questions about sentry are still waiting for repsonse. So this promising tool will end in the dark corner where are all these old platines, mouses, cables as the debris of the past are.

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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