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    Abrar Hussain

    I read that in the documentation that the EyeX receives information at non-set intervals.

    I’m writing out gaze coordinates to a .csv file, and I have a condition set so that coordinates are only written out if it’s been > 50 seconds since the last point was written to a file. I can see in the recorded .csv files that the recording happens around every 60 seconds, but sometimes it’s longer.

    Is there some way that I can improve the consistency between recording intervals (or change the interval closer to 50)?

    Jenny [Tobii]

    Hi Abrar,

    As we state in the documentation, the data frequency from the EyeX Engine is not fixed but varies. Currently the Gaze Point Data stream is typically somewhere around 60-65 Hz if we have gaze tracking, but this average may change without further notice. Note also that the EyeX Engine only delivers valid data and intermittently may not deliver any data at all if there are invalid data points from the eye tracker.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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