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    hi guys

    i dont know if this the right place to put this in or if i would rather open a brand new thread. feel free to move it where it most makes sense to you.

    After some troubles with my asmedia usb post, i managed to find another and afte ra whole afternoon of attempts, it seems i succede in having the eyex work. I mainy have used it for two games, Arma 3 and E:D.

    In Arma 3 you have a fov slider and the eyex doesnt attempt to look beyond the frontal 45° arc, as it would be natural to be. Moreover, the POV snaps around as fast as my gaze so i dont have any delay. It feels very natural and i can use it on a whole gaming session without any discomfort.

    Unfortunately the same doesnt happen with E:D. I have three issues with Eyex and E:D.

    My first issue is that the tracking is slower than my eyes, so when i want to look at something and i am looking at it, the camera doesnt catch up with me istantaneusly, so that i try to adjust for it to get there and then it adjust to me and back and forth.

    Moreover, since i am seeing things i am not supposed to, like the side monitors, i have the annoying and tiring sensation of dragging my POV around, as if i was moving windows around on my desktop.

    The third is the control setting menu in the eye infinity is not helping. I dont know how to use it, what “dead zone” specifically refers to in this particular situation.

    I just want that my “focus bubble” moves around to the place i look, in places where i am supposed to be able to see, without sliding to where my ears forefront and chin are supposed to face.

    is is something that can be adjusted by settings?

    Grant [Tobii]

    Hi @jamesgreen101 and thanks for getting in touch. Sorry to hear you are not getting the optimal experience you had hope for with Elite Dangerous and the EyeX.

    There are indeed some settings that can be configured using the infinite screen extension, now called Tobii Game Hub including adjusting the various sensitivities for movements.

    I found for you a video made by another user who explains in depth how best to configure the EyeX for the E:D which you can view @

    Please check it out and let us know how you get on.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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