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    Titouan Millet

    Last December, an experimental game jam took place in Tourcoing, France, within the Zoo Machines Festival. During this event, I suggested to make a game using the Tobii EyeX. With six other persons, we made in 48 hours a weird PC game called Grab Your Eyes.

    Grab Your Eyes is a satirical psychosociological experiment, that you play using your eyes as a controller, and your eyes only.
    It’s a mini games mash up (wario ware like) about the world inside the television, the insane star system, and the evil attractive power of our regular screens.

    The point was to make the player use his eyes in as many ways as possible : Focus, avoid, follow, don’t blink, etc…Most of them are the kind of behaviours we’re usually exercise with a mouse, a keyboard or a pad. But to do the same with the eyes is a real new challenge, and a funny one.

    About the theme, it was interesting to find something that resonates with the concept of “eye tracking”. So we decided to use the theme of the screen, as a mystic dark object which reflects our world, and attracts our eyes.

    I made a web page for the game HERE. You can download the early version of the game from there.

    We have been invited to show the game at AMaze, a great festival in Berlin about independent games and culture, that takes place in April. We have also submitted Grab Your Eyes for the WTF Award at the festival.

    For this occasion, the team and I are working on a bigger version of Grab Your Eyes. We want to add more mini games, content, and a memorable ending displaying the results of a “psychological test” to the player. We also want to make it more “international” by replacing the french personalities present in the game by famous stars known worldwide, so the absurd humor and the references in Grab Your Eyes would reach much more players.

    I’ll keep you updated on this topic about the progress on the new version.
    Don’t hesitate to share your opinions or ideas about the game!

    Jenny [Tobii]

    Hahaha, this game is awesome! I downloaded and tried the early french version. I was enjoying it and laughing so much πŸ™‚ Great work! Can’t wait to try the super international version of the game.


    I love it! It’s sort of like wario ware; smooth moves. My hands down favorite wii game.

    What is your scope for the bigger version, if i may ask? πŸ™‚

    Titouan Millet

    Thank you!

    The bigger version will contain about twenty different mini games.
    One game session (from the beginning to the credits screen) should last between four and six minutes. It’ll fit with the exhibition format, we don’t want the players to wait too long for their turn. Plus, in this period of time not necessarily all the mini games will appear on the screen (they’re chosen randomly), so it would create funny discussions between the players and maybe make them return to the game later during the festival…

    “-Have you played the mini game with Marylin Monroe, where you have to make her rotate on a wheel?
    -What? No! Have you come across this one with a demonic Mel Gibson?”


    I’ve tried the prototype on several people and i think you have a winning concept here Titouan! πŸ™‚ Looking forward to the final version!

    Titouan Millet

    Few weeks ago, we were at AMaze./Berlin, where Grab Your Eyes (the new international version) was showcased.


    We had a good time, people loved the game and laughed a lot. I know that some people were inspired by the eye tracking technology, and plan to make some project with the EyeX. I also gave several little interviews about the game, and several articles talked about it.

    The game was showcased at Unit Festival last week, and will be exhibited in the Game Science Center in Berlin (a museum about experimental, alternative controllers game). Maybe more places to come!

    We don’t really plan to work further on the project, as we’re happy with its current form. We don’t really know what to do with it, if we should release it for free, or charge several dollars, or just find other festivals and other events to exhibit it.

    If you want to know more about it, or want to play the latest version, don’t hesitate to contact me at titouan.millet(at)gmail.com or on Twitter @Titouan_Millet


    Perhaps release the source code and let others add to it πŸ˜€

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