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    I have one of the new 4c, not sure if this is the place it seems to be EyeX related, but I think the issue is with Infinite Screen anyway.

    I wanted to test the 4c as a headtracker only, looking in IS I could not see a way to disable eye tracking, perhaps add this as an option?

    So the only way I could see to acheive this was to set “View angle limits” for “Gaze sensitiviy” to 0% yaw and 0% pitch.

    Setting these to 0 and starting ED seems to result in a consistent ED crash.

    Changing these back to 90% does not seem to fix the issue.

    To fix I had to uninstall and reinstall, this sorted it.

    But since IS remembers settings, on reinstall it won’t work unless you set it back to 90% PRIOR to the reinstall.

    Michael Lehner

    I can confirm the problem. Actually any angle limit which is not 90 results in the problem, and just as you described, only by uninstalling and reinstalling i managed to get out of this situation.

    Also note, while i reported for the EyeX that the angle limits do not work when pitch mirror is switched off, the switch can not be used at all any more with the 4C. So while i know that the reported problem if the bigger angle always being the limiter still is true in ISE version, i guess i won’t be able to cofirm a fix for that any more, as i intend to stick with the 4C in the future. Still i would appreciate it a lot, if the mirroring for limits could be unlocked for the 4c and the lower limit could be set properly.


    It actually has nothing to do with the tracker model but rather with type of “gaze view mode” you’re using. The default gaze view mode for EyeX is “FreeView” while it’s “ExtendedView” for the 4C. FreeView and ExtendedView are based on two different algorithms and the latter does not support asymmetrical view angles.

    The easiest way to only use head tracking would probably be to just turn the gaze sensitivity speed slider down to 0.

    Michael Lehner

    You just answered part of the problem. I mean yes, it explains why the mirror switches are not available, and how to use the device for head-tracking only.

    The more interesting part, though, is the problem of the IES software crashing the Elite Dangerous when changing the angles and that recovery from that problem state requires the user to uninstall and reinstall the IES software.


    FYI: Bug has been filed and investigation is in progress.

    Michael Lehner

    Thanks. That was all the feedback i was hoping for here. 🙂

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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