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    How can I inverse the pitch axis in the GameHub for the profile EliteDangerous? Or put differently, when looking up I want the output to be as looking down and vice versa.

    I am looking in settings.json located in C:\Users\[user profile]\AppData\Local\Tobii\Tobii GameHub\Settings\Elite Dangerous.

    Is there a parameter I can add in the setting.json?

    There is a
    “Id”: “GazeViewPitchMirrorLock”,
    “Value”: false

    but when manually changing to true, I am still not able to change anything in GameHub and nothing changes of the outcome.

    Thank you in advance

    Grant [Tobii]

    Hi @thoklo thanks for your query and your patience whilst we tried to investigate this option for you.

    I am afraid to say that after consultation with the development team, at this current time axis switching is not a supported feature within Tobii Game Hub but we have added this as a feature request for consideration in a future release.

    Apologies for the disappointing news and thanks for your understanding.

    Alex [Tobii]

    Hi @thoklo !

    Which game are you trying to feed the head signal to?



    Thank you for your response.

    X-Plane 11 (as requested by a lot of people as you may know)

    This is what I have discovered.

    Elite Dangerous profile use Freetrack, supported in X-Plane 11, so I get both head tracking and eye tracking to work perfect with the exception that I need to inverse pitch to make it useful.

    How: Make a copy of X-Plane.exe and name it EliteDangerous64.exe. In Tobii GameHub configure EliteDangerous pointing to the new EliteDangerous64.exe in your X-Plane folder and tweak the parameters. Start X-plane with that EliteDangerous64.exe. Enable TrackIR under Graphics.

    Note: it is conflicting with X-Camera so you need to disable that plugin. X-Camera TrackIR does not seem to pick up the Freetrack from GameHub.

    Changing “Id”: “GazeViewPitchMirrorLock”, to true in C:\Users[user profile]\AppData\Local\Tobii\Tobii GameHub\Settings\Elite Dangerous\setting.json does not work.

    So in my logic, if we could have a copy of the ED profile and inverse the Pitch axis, or even better to be allowed to change the axis in for instance mentioned setting.json, it would allow Tobii to support multiple more games. The code is already there and I would believe it should be a low hanging fruit to change this.

    Alex [Tobii]

    I passed the info to the team, but I can’t give any promises because it mostly depends on their backlog and priorities.


    Thank you. I really appreciate it.

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