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    Michael Andresen

    After installing the software for my eyex, the monitors are no longer turning off after the set inactivity.

    Also the dim screen function only dims the monitor the eyex is set to, the other connected monitors does not change.

    Is this a bug, or something I need to change?

    Right now I have disabled both locking and dimming of the screen, and I have disabled eyex from the taskbar icon, and all monitors stay on all the time, even when I in power settings has set them to turn off after 10 minutes.


    I just noticed my monitors not going to sleep after installing the EyeX software as well. A real pain for me with my set up if it can’t go to sleep.

    Any fixes for this?

    Jenny [Tobii]


    I guess you have installed the Infinite Screen extension? It uses vJoy to emulate joystick input into games. Seems this is a known issue with vJoy – check out this thread:

    Michael Andresen

    Yes, that seems to be the problem. However, I then went into the vJoy configuration and disabled vJoy, to get the monitors to turn off. I now wanted to get back into a game and use it again, so I went back into the configuration, enabled it again, and now it no longer works.

    It is picked up by windows, but no movement detected from it. Game extension is enabled too. In windows it all works as expected, gaze trace is spot on, and it can navigate everything else too, just vJoy no longer working. Does it need to be somehow reset or what can be going on there?

    Grant [Tobii]

    Hi @mikey,

    This is not an issue I’ve been able to find on the Vjoy forum reported by other users… did you already try reinstalling the EyeX Screen extension software?

    Failing that, It might be worth posting on Vjoy’s own forum to see if they have some suggestions.

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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