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    Kinetic Cauldron is a videogame created by mi friends Elena García,biologist y amazing artist, y África Curiel, narrative designer and creator of FemDevs (an association of female videogame developers) for the Global Game Jam. This archknown gamejam has a list of challenges called diversifiers that help getting more diverse games. Between these diversifiers there was the “Tobii” diversifier which implies develop with Tobii sensor. This together the theme “Waves” and our determination in not using the tipical waves (such as water waves or sound waves) we got into the Telekinetic waves and the final idea of Kinetic Cauldron.
    To play Kinetic Cauldron we have to drag the requested ingredient into the cauldron before the time is out. To take it from the shelf the player hast to stare to it for a second and the drag it into the cauldron. If wrong ingredient is selected, it can be droped pressing spacebar.

    From Global Game Jam I learnt a valuable lesson that never in the Ludum Dare that I have take part or organized taught me before: dont go to a game jam without knowing every comma of the documentation of the library you will use. I wasted a lot of time changing the Unit version to adjust the recommendations in the documentation and even more time in notice the documentation isn’t as explicit as it should be. Let me explain myself, the amazing artist Elena, draw as angels and fast enough for a gamejam, but only in 2D. So the game is in 2D. And I tried to use 2D Unity Physics. The documentation states “[…] Collider” at first sight I thought I can be either 2DCollider or 3DCollider, but not, it refers only to 3D Collider. From that moment everything was easy. But making a build. It didn’t work with the libraries. I tried everything I found in the documentation, but nothing, it didn’t work so the hour before submitting I changed mechanic to fit mouse.

    After that, we keep developing to show the game in the GranadaGaming event. I don’t know how did I do to get a working version between the master practises and exams. And then, the great weekend arrived. It was amazing seeing people that stops in front of the poster that states “Play this game with the eyes”. And it was stressful to fix bugs in front of people who stopped to watch what I was doing.

    But the truth time arrived, although África wanted to continue with development , I watched my calendar and I see the great amount of master tasks and the final project deadlines and I noticed I have no time to keep developing a game that nobody will play because nobody has Tobii eye tracker. So that was the end of the development, now is time to make a nice summarize and add it to portfolio.

    Interesting links:
    Gameplay: https://youtu.be/LryK76SL8dw
    GitHub: https://github.com/LauraLaureus/KineticCauldron

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