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    Currently, our project is finding a eye-tracking device to develop eye track based application.

    We once use Tobii REX device, but find the Tobii REX is not enough to satisfy the requirement of our project, because we need a distance of 200 – 300 cm, but Tobii only support about 60 cm.

    Now, we are considering about Tobii Glasses 2, which seems more super than Tobii REX. But we can’t find detail technical parameters about it.

    So I want to ask you about following two question about Tobii Glasses device in develop forms:

    1) Does Tobii Glasses 2 provide some development API and SDK. ( Tobii REX device provide a set of API and SDK)

    2) What is the max distance of Tobii Glass 2 support between human and the watched object? (It is about 60 cm for Tobii REX device)

    Thanks for your support!

    Jenny [Tobii]


    Questions about the Tobii Glasses 2 should be directed to the Tobii Eye Tracking Research sales team.

    What I can say is that there are API’s developed, distributed and supported by Tobii Eye Tracking Research. How far away things can be tracked depends on the size of the objects and how precisely the eye-gaze vectors of the individual eyes can be mapped to be directed towards the particular objects. That would typically require some sort of image analysis of the HD video captured of the outward pointing camera of the Tobii Glasses 2. How much of the scene view that is captured by the scene camera is illustrated on the Tobii Glasses 2 product page


Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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