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    I need to retrieve the pupil diameter in the calibration files of my past recordings. Is there a way for that? Though I don’t know if tobii registers the pupil diameter during calibrations.

    Thank you,



    I work with Tobii X2-30 and is possible get the pupil diameter but I don’t know if the EyeX can do the same thing.

    I am interesting in know about that too.



    Edward Ryklin

    There does not seem to be a pupil diameter variable in the eyex data structure, can you please confirm. Will you be adding this value?


    Hi milad, Fabio, Edward,
    the pupil diameter is currently only available on Tobii’s analytical eye trackers and you need to use the Analytics SDK to access it.

    We don’t plan to add this data to the Gaze API — and possibly the EyeX API — anytime soon, but I know that it has been discussed and considered. Do you have a use case that you can share with us? Any information we can get to back up the feature request and demonstrate the value of the feature would be great!

    Larry Molocznik

    We have built a concussion application using the tobii EyeX controller.
    It utilizes a Windows 8.1 laptop for the therapist with a 23″ secondary monitor for the patient.
    We have already automated a number of manual tests that medical professionals use to determine
    if an individual has a concussion.
    We would very much like to see pupil dilation included in the EyeX Api so that we can add
    this to our collection of concussion eye tests.

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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