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    Gerrit Nautz

    Hello Community,

    my goal is developing a alternative input device for medical usage in operating rooms where everything has to be sterile. Eyetracking seems to be a good idea, but there are still some limits i have to know before i purchased the EyeX dev kit.

    Are there any test regarding surgical maskes and caps? Where the face is mostly covered. Maybe even additional glasses.

    Thank you and best Regards
    Gerrit Nautz


    Hi there,
    sorry for the late reply…

    Eye tracking usually works on people with glasses.
    However, in regards to people wearing masks or other things on front of their face, it should work as long as both eyes are visible for the Eye tracker.
    Tobii has not specifically done tests with caps or masks. However, looking at our Assistive Technology, we do supply Eye tracking for individuals with communication disabilities, which is some cases also wear masks or caps.

    However, just try it out and if you want, and please share it in the forum.


Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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