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    I’ve just received my EyeX, and I have to say, I was excited, until calibration came along. It is so f♥♥♥ing difficult to calibrate [been trying to get less scatter and more precise and steadiness.] I don’t know if I’m doing anything wrong, or if it’s my EyeX, but I’m keeping sure to have decent lighting, not too bright on my glasses [yes their clean, always,] not too bright on the EyeX itself.

    Calibrating and trying to follow the dot, with and without my glasses on. The end result is the top-center, middle-center, and bottom-center points are precise. Yet, the left and right sides aren’t too bad, but the biggest issue of them all is the corners of the monitor. The tracking scatters so much in the corners, and it renders the EyeX useless, unless it’s directly in the middle.

    I don’t move my head during the calibration, I’ve tried sitting in multiple positions, I’ve even tried to cheat and avoid looking directly at the dot on each point, just to see if I could just get the calibration to stop being so scattery, and inaccurate.

    Currently, I’ve found a decent calibration, but the upper right corner is the worst one, and it scatters so much. So, what I did was re-calibrate [not a smart idea] and focused on the upper-right point more, it was a bit more precise but the same thing happens to all the other corners, they all scatter crazily and It’s just so frustrating having to try calibration, after calibration, for about 7 hours straight.

    I really want to get this thing working, but if it can’t calibrate, or if I’m doing something wrong, or just my environment, the EyeX is rendered useless until I can get clean results.

    Well, I’m bad at these forums, and I’m not sure what to say or ask, but there is my issue, and any help from anyone would be greatly appreciated. I just really want to get the EyeX working correctly, accurately, and clean with not as much scatter.


    Hi there!
    It would be great if you could let me know what screensize you have. Also what kind of glasses, so how strong and are they bifocal or not?

    It would also great if you could provide a screenshot of the calibration check screen. Depending on you OS you can just press “Print Scrn or Windows + Print Scrn”.

    Thanks a lot!



    Screensize 22″ with 1920×1080 resolution. My glasses are Ray Ban, unknown lenses [I forgot, sorry.]

    I’m not sure if this was the calibration screen you needed a screenshot of, but it’s the only one I could use.

    Mattias [Tobii]


    Judging by the appearance of the calibration screen I would say that what you see is unlikely to be the result of a bad calibration, perhaps partially but not as primary root cause. The eye tracking performance obtained is to some extent individual, and typically, for every person, you will find worse performance in the upper corners than at the center. I do not know what distance you are from the screen, but you can try to see if the noise is reduced when you get closer or further from the screen.

    I can also tell you that we are aware that some people (like you) experience unsatisfactory noise is the upper corners and the development team is actively improving our algorithms to address it, so please try out our new releases as soon as they are out.


    I pretty much figured that the noise in the corners would be an issue, but it is difficult to sometimes get corners to have less noise. With the on-screen gaze feature [CTRL+SHIFT+ALT+F12] my average distance from my monitor is in the green [in the middle] and my eyes are set pretty much in the middle of the eye detection box.

    I do appreciate some help, and having corner, noise issues isn’t going to make me stop using my EyeX, just wanting to address that I’m having issues, and if there was anything I could do to enhance precision. I still greatly love it, and use it all the time instead of using my mouse. I mean I have it always running, why wouldn’t I use such fantastic hardware? 🙂

    Thank you for the help, or replies of feedback.

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