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    Daniel Delgado

    Most of our products are Windows XP devices, I have tried to install, configure and calibrate the Tobii REX but I was only suceessful with the manual driver installation. As long as I can’t run the Control Panel or the Settings Selector, I’m not able to create a profile and not even the showcases work.

    Cheng Guo

    I think somewhere in the support document stated that you need to have a Win 7 or Win 8 machine.

    Robert [Tobii]

    Hi, unfortunately we don’t have support for Windows XP. The system requirements for Tobii REX is Windows 7 or Windows 8, as you can see on this page.

    One of the requirements for the Control Panel and Showcase is .NET 4. It might work if you download .NET 4 separately, see this link, but I’m not sure. I would recommend to consider an OS update. Your application deserves better than to run on a 13 years old OS. 🙂

    Daniel Delgado

    I agree but I cannot change my company policies from one day to the next. I had already noticed all the requirements you have mentioned but I already installed the driver on Windows XP without even forcing it, just decompressing the installer.

    However, as you correctly said, I had to install .Net 4.0 client to be able to install the Showcase, but I can’t open the control panel to create my profile so I’m not able to test the device (with that drive installation I have made).

    I was thinking of using your SDK to make a little test tool and if that works compiled to Windows XP I will then start developing to integrate our products with your device. If all that fails I don’t have a clue of how I can use your devices.


    Hi Daniel,
    the way you describe your products as “Windows XP based devices” gives me the impression that the (low-level) Gaze SDK would be a better match for your needs than the EyeX SDK. And the Gaze SDK does work on Windows XP. Showcase doesn’t, but maybe your company policy allows setting up a more recent Windows version on a developer machine for experimental work?

    We made some major changes to the Gaze SDK last week to make it better aligned with the EyeX SDK. It’s so new that we haven’t even had the time to announce it properly yet, but it’s all available on the REX setup page. Essentially, what we did was to remove all the configuration software, so that developers who use the Gaze SDK get the full responsibility for configuration. It makes more sense to do it that way, when the intended use is for embedded/single-application environments. As a side effect there is no need to install the .NET framework anymore, only the VC++ 2012 runtimes — and those are available for XP.

    Finally a word on why we decided not to support Windows XP for the EyeX Engine: A lot of things changed in the Windows API related to display handling between XP and Vista that would have forced us to write (and support!) special code for Windows XP in the EyeX Engine. The cost-to-benefit ratio was too large. And apart from that, Microsoft has communicated an end-of-life date again and I expect that this time they mean it.

    Daniel Delgado

    My developer workstation is actually in Windows 7, as I said in my other threads but the devices where I’m trying to test Tobii for an initial integration are all running a compact/lite version of Windows XP SP3 where I installed the driver and where our app runs now without the use of Tobii but the main goal is to use Tobii as an option to navigate our app.

    All the software developed for this Windows XP based device is made in C# (.NET 3.5) so I must point to use the same interface to interact with Tobii to avoid complications. That’s why I’m testing every developer environment you provide to reach that functionality.

    Note: still have problems to download stuff from the page you just linked.


    Hi Daniel, my environment is similar to yours. I was wondering if you have had any luck with getting the Tobi to work with XP?

    Daniel Delgado

    I’m still testing pal but as long as I know any piece of software developed for Windows XP target x86 (my case) or x64 using the respective Gaze SDK should run correctly.

    The showcase, along with the EyeX engine, target is quite different so you will need Microsoft Visual C++ Redistributable for Visual Studio 2012 & .NET Framework 4, as stated here to be able to run them.

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