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Nils Sabelstrom

1) There are drivers for the EyeX Controller on Linux, but we will only have official support for Windows in the beginning. If there’s a big demand for Linux we might publish a basic unsupported Linux kit later on. What kind of use case are you thinking of?

be assured that we don’t dismiss linux lightly. But we cannot do everything at once. Please have patience…

I don’t understand, it seems like you have a working unofficial driver in house, so what is it you cannot do?
I doesn’t seem like releasing what you have in whatever state it is in, unofficially and under the usual no warranty/support caveats, would take many minutes of time.

Even if it’s a patch that you need to apply to the kernel source and manually compile it, ppl will work with that.

All I can guess then is that you cannot release the code you have because of not wanting to open source it.
So, if or when you release a linux version, will this then be a binary blob driver?