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Marc Pleijsier

Hello everyone.

I have fixed my problem my tobiieyex now starts up by itself after rebooting the machine.. (have to track if this will keep doing it as I tried it once).

What I did was the following:

Uninstall all drivers from Tobii (Including inifinite screen extension, just in case).
Made sure it was removed from the device manager.
Turned of the PC normally trough the shut down menu.
Turned off the PSU (power supply unit) and left it off for a couple minutes, just to be sure.
Left the USB3 cable in the PC but plugged it out of the tobiieyex.

Turned the power back on on the PSU.
Booted up the PC.
Downloaded the newest Driver for the tobiieyex.
Plugged in the Tobiieyex.
Installed the driver software.

What happened was that the drivers installed, it asked for the Hello update and than it started to update the firmware.
Of course it might that one cause is not connected to the other but it worked for me. So maybe taking the full power off was the thing that made my PC think I did a new reinstall.

My normal profiles were however still there but the tobiieyex now boots up on its own without the need to use a program like USBDeview which I did earlier.

Currently running:
Windows 10 HOME 64bit
EyeX Controller
FW: 2.0.2-33638
Controller core version: 2.0.9
Controller Driver version: 2.0.4
Tobii Service version:
Tobii EyeX Engine Version:
Tobii EyeX Config version:
Tobii EyeX Interaction version:

Hope this maybe helps for those that also have or had problems.